Just take the picture!

I am a woman on a mission to get you lovely Mummas in the picture.  I have been flicking through my old photographs and there are hardly any of me and my babies. Unsurprisingly there are millions of my husband. When the babies were tiny I remember my hubs waving an iPhone in my face telling me to look at the camera and have my picture taken. At the time I could have snatched it out of his hand and lobbed it out the nearest window, with him following swiftly after! The last thing in the world I wanted was to have my picture taken. I thought I looked so bloody rough it was untrue. Sleep deprived, hormones on overdrive, chins in the wrong place, the 'WTF' lines that had some how appeared between my eyebrows and not forgetting the slightly wild look in my eyes - ready to kill anyone that suggested 'sleep when the baby sleeps'! I thought it didn't really make for a good picture. Oh - how wrong I was. I should have told him to just 'take the goddam photo'. 


It doesn't help that social media can be a right old bitch. You can imagine the post...... A pic of a perfectly made-up perfect mummy, in a perfect house, perfectly breastfeeding her perfect little baby. Well the only thing that is 100% true in that picture is the perfect babe........And they will probably be drawing on the walls with a marker pen by the time they can stand up! 


So I have been working hard to get you lovely Mummas 'in the frame'. Teamed up with Mummas Wellbeing , Busy Lizzy and NCT (National Childbirth Trust) I have been running mini pop up studio sessions across Surrey, in Guildford, Godalming, Woking, Cobham and Weybridge. It is a pretty simple concept. A mummy and baby group organise a coffee morning or party. Invite me along. I set up my pop up studio, with a few props to keep the tiny humans entertained. I click away at the babies and toddlers and at the last minute ask you - the mummy - to come and hold your little one. Sometimes I ask if you want your picture taken.... sometimes I don't - I just do it! 


I capture the best bits .

The love......

The connection......

The hint of emotion........

Lips kissing her forehead.......

Your nose being tickled by his new fluffy hair.........

A little Eskimo kiss.........

A teeny tiny baby face nuzzling your neck........

Your cheek, against a squidgy toddler cheek.

....................I miss out the rest. 


I only started including the Mummas when the babies became unsettled - but now you seem to love these shots so much they are here to stay. Take a look at my up and coming pop up photoshoots to book in or if you are a Surrey based playgroup, Mummy & Baby meet up or Baby & Toddler class organiser please get in touch to find out more. 


And the best bit. You only buy the digital images you love. There is no catch. Photography for every budget. Fighting to get all the lovely Mums in the frame. So........Just take the picture!






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Just take the picture!

March 19, 2018

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