'In your home' headshot session

January 13, 2018

If you are anything like me, having a professional headshot taken is the one thing that sits on the 'to do' list -  forever - and the holiday picture of you sipping cocktails or your kids eating enormous ice-creams holds pride of place as your profile pic.


So give yourself a little nudge in the right direction - it might be a new year, or new role, going back to work after maternity leave, setting up a new business or .....just because. Those cherub faced babes are beautiful and everyone loves seeing them - but what we all really want to see is a fabulous photo of you.


Another photographer that I follow on instagram recently did a poll as to whether she should change her logo to a lovely natural relaxed headshot. As you can imagine she got a resounding yes! People want to see the face behind the username. Just go for it! 


When my lovely customers call to book a headshot session they are quick to say "I hate having my photo taken", or "Can you photoshop my wrinkles/chin/teeth/hair... ?", or "Just black and white please - I am a bit out of shape", I could go on! I can assure you there are very few people who like having their photo taken. Me included, and I am a photographer. Even actors get nervous when staring down the barrel of a lens. It's not just about being confident - it's about being comfortable. And that's why I bring my pop up studio to you. You have my word -  I will not put the camera down until I know that you are 100% happy with the images I have taken. But most importantly I want the photos of you to look like you - but you on a good day, when you have had 10 hours sleep, drunk 8 glasses of water and eaten your five a day!


Last week I went to Jo's house. She is the founder of Mummas Wellbeing - offering specialist support through those all important stages of parenthood, working throughout Guildford, Godalming and the surrounding villages. I was greeted at the door by a dog and a teeny tiny feeding baby (I never could master the art of walking and breastfeeding - I had to be half naked perched on the sofa!). Jo wanted a few shots, just with a plain background, that she could use on social media and her brand new website.


I had a quick scoot around the house before setting up and found the most gorgeous therapy room. It was tucked away in the eaves, with soft morning light and - oh - so beautifully styled. Although we hadn't really planned a lifestyle headshot session it sort of turned into one! I set up my studio downstairs to capture the plain background images, offering Jo some gentle direction, and taking a few test shots, to make sure we had got her best side. The beauty of being at home is that if you only have to nip upstairs if there is a last minute change of heart on outfits or makeup......or you need to feed a baby! And there is no rush. Plenty of time to relax and even have a bit of fun!


I showed Jo a few images on the back of the camera to check we were on the right lines and headed up to the loft room and took a few more lifestyle photographs.  You'll see from the images that there was a baby in situ most of the time -  hence not many uncropped photos in this album! Within half an hour I had got at least four different looks that Jo could use on her personal accounts, social media and her lovely new website. I even managed to digitally transfer the retouched images to her on the same day. So that's her 'to do' list ticked. Now - where is mine?


Please get in touch if you are thinking about a headshot portrait both in colour and black and white. Or check out my website www.hesterbphotography.com to find out more. The majority of my photography work is in and around Guildford, Woking, Godalming and Cobham in Surrey but I will happily travel throughout the surrounding areas and into London. And you can see my most up to date work on Instagram and facebook.  Hester xx















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