Baby Harry - 6 days old

November 27, 2017

Newborn photoshoot 


When I scroll through my images from a newborn shoot my husband looks over my shoulder and says "We are NOT having any more". I am normally pretty quick to reply "Two is quite enough for me". But I know there is something so special about taking photos of a teeny tiny baby. It doesn't make me broody, but it does make me so glad that I am a mummy, and that I had two very special times looking after bundles of flesh and bones that you just love - so much. I am so very grateful that I had this opportunity - twice. As not everyone is so lucky. My only regret is that I didn't get my camera out and take proper photos! 



It is such a privilege to take photos of a newborn baby. So many people take a 'babymoon' and hibernate until they have found their feet as parents - but to be let into their lives during this special time, to capture their brand new baby, is such an honour. 


My newborn baby shoots are incredibly relaxed. There is no travelling to a studio or waiting around. I come to you. 


Newborn photos look best if they are taken before the baby is 2 weeks old. I am pretty sure I had not really left the house within a week of having my two, so with that in mind, I will capture beautiful pictures of your baby at your home. I will bring everything that we need to get some great photos. Don't worry - I have backdrops and throws to hid the clutter!


Annabel & Olly 

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day with Annabel and Olly - and their gorgeous children - Samuel, aged 2, and Harry, who was 6 days old at the time.


I chatted to Annabel before Harry was born. We pencilled in a date and decided how to get the best out of the shoot. They, of course, wanted some beautiful photos of Harry, but also suggested we head outside in the autumn light to capture their family as a foursome. 


This is no problem - as the beauty of a newborn shoot is there is plenty of time for feeds, naps and cups of tea. Not forgetting involving the other children. We just go with the flow! There are a few more posed photos when your baby is wrapped in a selection of blankets, but the rest are just you, your partner, big bothers and sisters...... and your baby. Just doing what you do!

On the day 

When I arrived at Annabel and Olly's house I was greeted by a bouncy two year old! We made friends over some toys (and cake obviously!) whilst I took a few candid shots of Samuel. Whilst Annabel fed Harry I had a quick look around the house, checking for the best natural light for the newborn photographs. We cleared a couple of things away and Annabel had already made the bed with white linen. Harry was very alert so I took some shots of his deep blue eyes. Once he was sleepy (aided by a little milk & white noise) we wrapped him up ready for a few more posed images. I took time to capture all his tiny little features; button nose, curly fingers and ten little toes. Samuel had been busy downstairs with his Daddy but he popped up to see what was going on, so we got some lovely pictures with him and Harry. 

Another feed and change - we turned up the heating and undressed Harry. The inevitable happened after 5 seconds of being without a nappy. Boys will be boys! So another quick change of clothes (for most of us) and I managed to capture Harry & Annabel in this beautiful shot. Natural light from the window highlighting Harry perfect skin. 


I left the family in peace for a couple of hours over lunch time and then headed out to take autumn shots of the family. Samuel was in his element! Kicking up the leaves, running through little paths and hunting for squirrels. And of course - I made sure I got the first family photo as a foursome - with baby Harry snuggled up in the baby carrier.  It was so sweet seeing Samuel getting used to being the big brother. So much love for this family. 

So how does it work? Newborn photoshoots are for a one off fee. This includes all the retouched high resolution digital images - in both colour and black & white. I aim to send you a sneaky peek of a few shots on the day and then the rest follow a couple of days later. You will get forty or more digital images to treasure, print and share. 


It was such a beautiful day with Annabel, Olly, Samuel and Harry. And they were so happy with their stunning images. If you are due to have a baby and would like to book a newborn session please get in touch
























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